mask mandate

A sign on the door informs customers of the new mandate to mask up before entering.

A trip to one local convenience store will now require a mask. The old saying, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service,” now will require the addition of “No Mask” to shop at Casey’s General Stores nationwide. This isn’t received without backlash, as several customers have voiced their opinion to take their business elsewhere. Casey’s General Store declined to comment on the decision mandate customers to wear a mask. At this time, there are no City or State ordinances requiring customers to wear masks.

Will this be a new trend for other businesses or a short-lived attempt to enforce a new regulation? Social distancing has become a new way of life in the past year. Learning to shop following the arrows throughout the store, making isles one way and keeping distance at six feet. There are directions of where to stand throughout the store with plexi-glass barriers attempting to provide a healthier environment for both employees and consumers. The movies which shared characters of living in a bubble seems not to far off, as the world continues to live in this pandemic with plastic hugs and visiting through windows.

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