city council

The Monroe City Board of Alderman met in regular session on August 20 at 6 p.m. at North Park. All Aldermen were present for the meeting including Connie Painter, Marvin Viloria, Jason Osbourne, Jeff Botkins, Rusty Rothweiler and Ralph Lemongelli. Others present were Mayor Jerry Potterfield, City Administrator Jackie Pangborn, City Attorney John Russell, Mosswood Golf Course President Gary Yager, Mosswood Golf Course Treasurer Emily Gares, Judy Stone, Becky Chinn, Leah Dodson, Matthew Perrine, Monroe City Police Department (M.C.P.D.) Captain Zach James, Mindy Hays, Pam Potterfield, Jennifer Potterfield, Kimberly Potterfield, Ronald Krigbaum, M.C.P.D. Sergeant Brian Walters, Dawn Stupavsky and Damon Vuch.

The Board of Aldermen conducted a public hearing on the proposed 2020 tax rates which are $0.7537 per $100 of assessed valuation for the General Fund and $0.1989 per $100 of assessed valuation for the Library Fund. These tax rates are the maximum amount allowed by the Missouri State Auditor. Last year’s rates were $0.7537 for the General Fund and $0.1987 for the Library. No one from the public had any comments on the proposed tax rates. Afterwards, Mayor Potterfield closed the public hearing.

During Open Forum, Leah Dodson and Matt Perrine from Maddie’s on Main, were present to address the council for permission to use St. Jude’s Park on September 4. The business plans to have a band and sell alcohol with a beer tent. No outside drinks will be allowed; and the beer garden will be roped off. Maddie’s on Main will have liability insurance to cover any issues and they will be renting portable toilets. The band will play from 8 to 11:30 p.m. and will be set up on the North Side of the Church. Alderman Botkins made a motion to approve this request, Alderman Rothweiler seconded with all in favor.

Mindy Hays, representing DTMC, was in attendance to summarize the projects they have done for the past two years. Hays explained the plan is to continue to promote all of Monroe City, not just the downtown area. DTMC is proud to partner with the City and hope to continue to do so. Alderman Rothweiler made a motion to approve the full $30,000 for DTMC for the upcoming budget year, to be paid quarterly; Alderman Painter seconded with all in favor.

There was no report for Planning and Zoning.

The Public Works report included Bids for a pH/Conductivity Benchtop. Two bids were received, one from USA Blue Book for $2,417 without a service plan and the other from Hach for $2,780 with a service plan. PeopleServices manager George Hausdorf shard information stating the service plan was not necessary. Alderman Rothweiler made a motion to accept the bid from USA Blue Book for $2,417.25; Alderman Osbourne seconded with all in favor.

During the Public Safety/Nuisance Report, Alderman Lemongelli shared with everyone the Broken Windows Theory. He stated, “This is a criminological theory that states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes.”

Captain Zach James gave a nuisance update stating there have been other items that have had higher priority lately other than nuisance issues. Also, there are some items in the nuisance ordinance that need to be adjusted to comply with Senate Bill 5. Attorney Russell stated, “I would be happy to go over this ordinance with the Police Department, it is much easier to handle than the last ordinance that the City had regarding nuisances.” The Council also asked if the Police Department could provide the Council with a report of the number of cases they are working on as well as what type they are such as criminal, traffic, etc.

A court report was presented to the Council. This is the same report that is sent to the state each month that shows the number of cases presented to the Municipal Court, carry overs, dispositions, and the amount of revenue. This will be presented monthly to the Council.

A list of Hazard Mitigation items that were worked on several years ago were reviewed. An opportunity for grants for some of these items is available, but a notice of interest had to be submitted by Friday, August 21 deadline. The consensus was to go with the generator for the Water Plant and training for personnel. Ms. Pangborn will be submitting that notice of interest.

The Administration Report included an updated maintenance agreement with TMI for the HVAC system which needed to be signed. This is a yearly contract and the cost is $4,200 per year. Alderman Lemongelli made a motion authorizing the Mayor to sign the maintenance agreement; Alderman Rothweiler seconded with all in favor. The To Do List is still in progress with several items already complete. Pangborn requested the following accounts be written off as uncollectible for accounting purposes only and referred to the City’s Collection agency: Brandon Bennett $2,713.53; Brittany Hunter $818.51; Ashton Janes $279.48; and Jerry Johnson $1,552.88.

Alderman Botkins motioned to write off these accounts in the amount of $5,364.40 for August as uncollectible for accounting purposes only and to refer them to the City’s Collection Agency; Alderman Rothweiler seconded the motion. Aldermen Lemongelli, Rothweiler, Viloria and Botkins in favor, Aldermen Painter and Osbourne opposed, motion passes.

Pangborn stated a mass mailer is going out next week to give notice to residents about the changes to the friendly reminders.

Mayor Potterfield mentioned that last year there was $280,000+ that came out of the water fund to pay for the spillway at South Lake. He feels this should have come out of the Park Sales Tax fund as this is for maintenance to parks. This will be tabled for further review by Mayor Potterfield and Attorney Russell.

Sandy Brooks will be using St. Jude’s gazebo on August 29th for a balloon release in memory of her daughter, Amanda Johnston.

Special Tax Bill has been prepared to send to the County to assess against the property at 602 E. Cleveland St. Alderman Osbourne made a motion to authorize the Mayor to sign the Special Tax Bill; Alderman Rothweiler seconded with all in favor.

During the Park Board report, Alderman Painter gave an update from the last Park Board meeting. Two Pool Roof bids were received. The first was from DJV Construction for $13,600 and the second was from Construction Solutions for $8,698.50. Alderman Lemongelli made a motion to approve the bid from Construction Solutions for $8,698.50; Alderman Rothweiler seconded with all in favor. The minutes from the previous park board meeting were approved. A concern was brought up about the bids for the Pool Roof and the timeline of the project. Alderman Rothweiler made a motion to rescind the motion accepting the bid from Construction Solutions in order to research; Alderman Painter seconded with all in favor.

There was no Economic Development or City Attorney report.

The meeting ended with the Mayor’s Report. Mayor Potterfield thanked everyone for coming to the meeting at the Park. With the increase in COVID-19 cases, this may continue. Financial charts for the departments were given to Council for review.

Alderman Rothweiler motioned at 7:40 p.m. to go into executive session as authorized by RSMO 610.021 (3) hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees; Alderman Lemongelli seconded with roll call vote with all in favor voting Yes.

Open session reconvened at 8:10 p.m. There being no more business to discuss; Alderman Rothweiler made a motion to adjourn; Alderman Viloria seconded with all in favor.