Jack Jones, middle, stands with his niece Regina Ferino and her husband Pete just before the husband and wife duo set out on their bicycles to Iowa.

Recently, hometown native, Jack Jones, hosted his niece and her husband, Pete and Regina Ferino, of Sandiames, California, for three nights. The significance of the visit is there choice of travel. While most people choose time-saving alternatives for a means of transportation, the Ferino’s arrived in town on bicycle taking in the landscape of the Midwest.

“All the way from California?”, one may ask. Not entirely, the two travelers flew from California to Des Moines, Iowa to take part in the popular Ragbrai Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.

 The Ferino’s started in Indainola, Iowa and ended in Keokuk, Iowa, riding approximately 12 miles per hour, with a 50 mile a day goal. Pete stated, “I love to see this area. All the farming and how people make things of use. In California people seem to just use things.” The Ferino’s explained, traveling by bicycle allows a person to see things they may not notice if they were riding in a vehicle.


Jones’ sister lives in Ankely, Iowa, where Pete and Virginia visited with their Aunt, and then joined the Ragbrai Ride on the third day.

After arriving in Keokuk, they make their way south to Monroe City to visit Jones. Jones stated, “I have tried to convince them to stay, I have really enjoyed their company,” as the Ferino’s prepared their gear for the ride back to Ankely, Iowa.

Pete stated, “The highways in Missouri are great to ride on. There are wide shoulders and drivers are so nice to get over. The semi-trucks always move over and wave as we continue to ride.”


The Ferino’s left on Thursday, August 1, from the parking lot of the Family Restaurant on their bicycles to return to Ankely, Iowa with plans to fly home to California afterwards. Pete explained, “We will have to take our bicycles apart, box them up and ship them home before we fly home.” Prepared for their trip, each bicycle had bags holding needed supplies, including a tent, for their three-day trip back to Iowa. Virginia shared, “We chose to ride west to Macon, then head north through Kirksville and then on to Iowa. This route seemed to have less hills.”

This is not the first ride for the Ferino’s, explaining they had taken part in other bicycling events on the west coast, the longest being 700 miles. Pete shared, “When bicycling you get a different view and can enjoy the landscape much more,” as his wife, Virginia agreed.

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