Pictured L to R:  Shane Spalding (Alliant Bank Regional President), Eric Rodgers, Jennifer Garrett, Lisa Shively (All from the Hometown Volunteers).

Monroe County Regional President Shane Spalding discussed the generous donation of $2,500 to Hometown Volunteers, stating, “The Hometown Volunteers has been a group of people who work year-round to raise money for the good works they do.  It shows up during the holidays when their selfless efforts ensure that families can have a wonderful Christmas together.  Because they care so much about their neighbors, kids have presents to open and parents have meals to serve.”

“We have traditionally used our lobby to help with their annual Christmas bell sales fund raiser, and our employees have donated their “blue jean money” to the group.”

Spalding continued, “This year our board of directors wanted to contribute to the community’s well being during the holidays.  Being able to donate to Hometown Volunteers gives the bank a way to invest in people who will leverage all of the money to good use in our own neighborhoods.  Their actions speak louder than their words.  I have always admired them for what they do, and I am thankful to hand them this donation on behalf of the bank and its board of directors.”