City Council

Alderman Connie Painter, Alderman Jason Osbourne and City Attorney Michael Williams discuss water treatment trial options on Feb. 6 at the City Council meeting.

Alderman Jason Osbourne questions PeopleServices contract length, after hearing from PeopleServices, Inc. Manager George Hausdorf, stating, “When does the PeopleServices contract end? We don’t want the contract to be up and then we are not prepared with other options such as Clearance Cannon Wholesale with the easements and cost.” The PeopleServices contract with the City was signed in June of 2018, and went in effect September of 2018 for five years.

Hausdorf addressed the Board of Alderman at the February 6 City Council meeting to discuss the water treatment plan.

Hausdorf explained to the board the approved trial month was nearly complete and would like to request permission to continue the trial through October. The trial was being used to treat the water chlorine dioxide. “This process has helped decrease the number of TTHM’s and seems to be really improving the water quality.” The cost of the trial per month equals $3,100 which includes $500 rental for the machine, $600 maintenance fee and $2,000 for chemicals, totaling $27,900 if approved through October.

“I would like to continue this trial through October to give us the number readings during the spring and summer months to capture all the changes with the rain water. I need to send a letter to the Department of Resources to let them know if we are going to continue the trial or not. I need to let them know a plan by next week.”

Mayor John Long asked if the machine being used would be something the City would need to purchase in October, after renting it for the past 10 months. Hausdorf explained not if you go with the current company we are using. There would be a maintenance agreement, along with purchasing the chemical supplies from the company which would include the machine.

The board discussed the trial including costs. Alderman Connie Painter stated, “I am glad the numbers are improving.”  Alderman Melissa Hays asked, “Where is this $27,900 at in our budget?” City Admin. Jackie Pangborn answered, “It’s not, it would be an addition.” City Attorney  Williams asked, “Can we do this month to month?” Hausdorf replied stating, “This is a pilot project. I can ask the DNR to approve month to month.” Painter made a motion to approve $3,100 for another trial month concerning the water treatment plan to give time for the board to review the budget with all in favor.