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Letter to the Editor,

I am an over the road truck driver and am gone all week. An issue that is of great concern to me is the proposed new sewer treatment plant bond issue on the ballet for next week.  Apparently the cost of this new plant could be upwards of 10 MILLION dollars. It is my understanding that there have been meetings scheduled for the public to come forth to find out more information about this. At the first meetings I believe there were only 20 people in attendance.  I’m afraid that the citizens of Monroe City are unaware of the true cost involved with the issue.  It is estimated that each household will have an increase to their sewer bill that could amount to as much as triple what they pay now.  In my case, that would be from about $30.00 a month to around $90.00 a month or more.  That’s a lot.  Young people just starting out, single parent households and the elderly living on fixed incomes are going to have a difficult time dealing with such increases.

People need to wake up, pay attention to what is going on in our city.  We’ve already recently had our taxes raised for bond issues to cover our new track/field and other improvements and renovations to our schools.  All worthy causes but tax increases non-the-less.  When is enough, enough? As an older citizen, still working, I am focused on rising taxes.  There comes a point where the tax burden becomes too much and small towns are taxed out of existence.  We love Monroe City and certainly don’t want to see anything happen to this fine little city.

If more people would become involved in what is going on we could come up with better solutions to our sewer/water problems.  Maybe if people were better informed and more concerned, we could make a difference that was not at such a financial burden as to be a hardship for everyone. It feels to me like our “big” government.  They need/want something so just raise taxes to make the people pay more.  I for one am tired of “paying more.”

The cost of the increase for the sewer plan does not even address the issue of the terrible quality of our drinking water, that is a whole other issue and will cost even more in the near future.  In my opinion, we need to be connecting to Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water District instead of continuing to try and clean up water from a swamp.  For decades, the fear of cancer from drinking unclean, contaminated water has had my family and me buying bottled water and having our own water purifying system.  We DO NOT drink Monroe City water.

I certainly don’t know all the answers to our problems, but it seems to me that we as citizens should get more involved in what is going on. Could there be other options that we could come up with instead of just being told we have to pay millions of dollars to fix the situation?  Make our voices heard.  It’s our city.  It’s our money.  Don’t let a hand full of people make all the decisions. Let’s get involved!!!

A concerned Citizen,

Alan Copeland

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