Sitting at my grandparent’s home Saturday my grandpa asked me if I had done any fishing. I replied that I hadn’t had time to get to the lake and cast out a line. He chuckled to himself and said someone once told him that when work gets into to way of fishing… it is time to quit work.

While that does sound fantastic, I don’t believe it would be a very financially sound decision. I began thinking about what I would do if I were suddenly blessed with the ability to no longer have to work; let’s say I won the Powerball. The first thing I would do is grab my fishing pole and tent and explore the Yellowstone National Park. After a generous amount of time I would wander back to a city and book a ticket to Ireland.

Ireland has been one of the places I would love to visit for as long as I can remember. At the Travel Show, Dea Hoover talked about her trips to Ireland. I sat green with envy, hoping that one day I would be able to walk the streets of Dublin and explore the countryside.

For now I will be content with daydreaming and pinching my pennies, while Ireland is a ‘world away’, Yellowstone is not.

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