Stumped on what to write about this weekend I looked back at my column from this time last year. It began like this, “In small towns there is no such thing as a stranger, everyone knows everyone else.” Now through Pokémon Go and the Monroe City Rocks I think community is coming even closer together.

While some may scowl at the new trend of people going around town on their phone catching Pokémon, I think it’s nice. People up, off the couch and connecting with each other.

The Monroe City Rocks group on Facebook is constantly updating with people posting their new finds. As I walked down Main Street Tuesday I spotted a painted rock on the steps of A&S Printing. No longer than I was in A&S Printing the rock was gone!

The common ground between these two games remind me of geocaching, getting out in the world and exploring – and anything that gets people up and moving is something I can get behind.

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