I’m sure everyone has something that reminds them of summer, the day on the lake spent fishing you look foreword to every year, the smell of fresh cut grass or the sound of children splashing in the pool.

I never realized what mine was until I was putting aloe on my sunburns Memorial Day. Apparently the smell of aloe is what reminds me of summer. It seems like not a year goes by that I don’t get sunburnt.

If you ask what summer means to group of people I am sure everyone will give you a different answer. To me summer means a time to explore. Call it clichéd but I love set aside a weekend and go for a drive. The road you drive every day to work, I’m sure it doesn’t end at your job. Stay the course and drive a little further. If you come to a fork in the road, flip a coin and keep going.

Summer means new beginnings, children are out of school, graduates are looking towards the next step in their lives and families get the chance to spend more time together.

With the many opportunities summer brings how are you planning on using this time?

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