One night after work last week I was sitting on the couch at my parent’s house when the door opened. To my surprise I see my brother walk in and ask if I wanted to go fishing on Route J Reservoir with him in the canoe. I leapt at the chance to spend some time on the water and the afternoon with my brother.

Once out on the water we paddled across the reservoir to the western side where a few dilapidated duck blinds sit. Time rolled by as we tried different spots. In the top of a tree that had fallen in the water my bobber shot under – a quick flick of the pole and I knew what was on the other end of my line wasn’t the same sunfish we had been catching. Grabbing my net I dipped a nice size bass out of the water and snapped a picture of him before setting him back in the water.

I forgot how much I enjoy spending time in the outdoors, whether it is going on a hike, practicing with my recurve bow or catching up with my brother. The outdoors is where I turn to when I need to relax and recharge.

The forecast for the next few days looks dreary, but I hope to get the chance to spend at least a few hours recharging.

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