On my quest to play every golf course in the area this summer I can check the first one off my list. Last Friday the temperature dipped slightly and I seized the opportunity to play nine holes at Mosswood Meadows; it was on the sixth hole, covered in sweat I realized maybe the cooler temperatures were all in my head.

Despite the heat I had a great round of golf, even if the numbers on my scorecard begged to differ. The ole’ saying goes, “A bad day of golf beats a good day of work,” and while I had worked that day nine holes did wonders for my disposition and got me in the mood to watch the last days of the U.S. Open at Oakmont that weekend.

While there was quite a bit of controversy over the final ruling on Dustin Johnson’s practice swing the final day, I still enjoyed the Open.

I was disappointed to see the returning champion Jordan Spieth fall so far down the leaderboard after narrowly missing a second green jacket at the Augusta Masters Tournament, but such is the game of golf.

“Each course is different. You are not going to always play the same, you may have a good shot on one course but you are not going to have that same shot on the next course,” Blake Elsberry, All-Conference golfer once said to me and it’s apparent that is true regardless of what level you are playing at.

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