I have only been on a plane once before and I was very young so remember little of the trip. As I took off from St. Louis on my trip down to Texas I gawked out of the window (I made sure to book a seat by the window for this very reason) at the cars and city below me. To see life scuttle beneath me like cells under a microscope was fascinating.

After we climbed higher and began cruising I took the down time to do some reading. When I looked up again I saw clouds that shared a better resemblance to white caps on a sea that stretched before my eyes. (While I have never personally seen the ocean, this was the closest I could imagine)

The clouds were there again as we descended upon Houston, however bigger and denser this time. My mind instantly wondered if these were the same clouds that were responsible for flooding parts of the state.

When I landed back in St. Louis on my trip home I asked myself, rather puzzled, “How is it hotter in Missouri than it is in Texas?” This was one of the many things I was not expecting about my trip to Texas.

I never expected to ever try sushi, let alone think it was delicious. I also never expected to enjoy a city as busy as Houston but now can’t wait to return one day.

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