Each week brings with it new challenges, or the possibility for new surprises. By the time these papers have cooled on the stands I will be on a plane headed for Texas. A little get away for a few days; I’m not exactly sure what to expect, but I was told to bring a pair of swim trunks.

I’m sorry I will miss the 4-H Fishing Derby and the Kolton Karr Tractor Show while I’m away; Monroe City staple events like that are never something to miss.

I remember last year, with just a few months under my belt here at the paper, I drove around the lake and watched excited faces as they fought with their fish.

The sound of antique tractors parading down Main Street is almost like Monroe City’s summer sound track and a sight you can’t catch in many other towns.

These are a few of the challenges with taking time off work, but like my introduction said there is always the possibility for surprises. While in Texas I plan to take my camera and explore a new part of the country. Texas may not have been on the list of places I wanted to visit but it doesn’t mean I’ll push aside the chance for a new adventure.

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