The Fourth of July brings with it the excitement of fireworks displays and we are in a prime location to ‘get the most bang for our buck,’ so to speak.

Usually I enjoy the display at my grandparent’s house, but this year everything fell just so that I will be able to watch the display July 2 at the Mark Twain Lake Rodeo, July 3 at my grandparent’s house and the City of Monroe City’s display on July 4.

I was worried when my grandpa expressed his concern about shooting fireworks this year because of the dry weather.

It is obvious that summer is now in full swing; the next couple of weeks are packed with parades, rodeos, fairs, tractor pulls, the Swinkey picnic and many other activities.

Whether you are enjoying fireworks of your own this year or leaving the exciting display to someone else; I wish everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July.

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