The gratitude I have towards our community is great.  Monroe City is second to none when it comes to those in need.

If I have learned anything from the past two weeks, it is we never know what someone else’s battles are.  Be kind.  Even in the event our own demons are weighing heavy on our hearts. We should always keep in mind others could be under fire also.

If you can help, do so.  Always take the time for others, even if it is just a smile.  It may be just what they need in the eye of the storm.

I know we are sensitive to our own feelings, however don’t be quick to anger.  Take the time to think about the situation before jumping to conclusions and in this day and age, jumping to Facebook or other social media outlets.  (If you act ugly, people will think you’re ugly.)

And lastly, pray.  I come from a God fearing, God loving background.  I know there are those who may not believe, but I can assure you, He is our answer.  I am not saying you must go to church every Sunday, I am saying if you allow Christ in your heart, you have a friend in everything.

I have many God moments I could share and someday I might just do that.

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