I was brought up with much Democratic influence.  That being said, I feel the Democratic Party as I knew it, is no longer the same party.  It seemed when I was young, listening to many conversations of politics had by my Grandfather, David L. Utterback, I “knew” that all hard working farmers and blue collar workers of this great country were Democrats.

Ever since I could vote, I have only missed a hand full of primary elections.  I always feel guilty if I do not vote, almost the same gut feeling when I skip church, and rightly so.

One thing I have never really understood is the fact that in a Primary, I must choose the Democratic or Republican ballot.  It sure would be nice if we had the right to split our votes in the primary.

On a grander scale I may vote one direction, but in the local arena, I may take a different route.  So for now, I will choose the lesser of two evils and decide which ballet to grasp on Tuesday, Aug. 2 probably as I walk in the door to greet the poll workers who always offer refreshments.  The best part of voting in the country, I think.  Small talk with those who volunteer their time so we are able to exercise our right to vote.  Refreshments are usually served in the left wing and everyone gets the same choices.  The voters discretely sit in the conservative right wing of the establishment.

In the end hopefully we can all smile knowing most of the donkeys are not …, well you know…,  And not all the elephants are blow hard know it alls.

In God We Trust the Democracy we  call the

Grand ol’ US of A.

No matter where you sit, please Vote on Aug. 2.

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