As I think of where our country has been and where it seems to be going, one thing comes to mind.

The infrastructure of our great nation.

Before 1950, our nation paved the way to its future. Local, state and federal dollars were used to build millions of miles of roads.  Farmers needed the roads to get their goods to market and truckers had lobbied for roads to be built between cities.

In recent years the federal government instilled regulations forcing the use of  DEF or diesel exhaust fluid in Tier 4 engines to lower emissions.

Many problems are coming to surface with the use of DEF.  Engines are not running.  Mechanics who work on these motors are pulling their hair out.

Def is part urea. (Urea is the main nitrogen-containing substance in the urine of mammals.) Engines which rely on DEF are proving themselves to be unreliable.

We all know about the Clean Air Act, it is the comprehensive federal law that regulates air emissions in mobile and stationary sources of air pollution.

I am all for clean air, I actually enjoy a dinner in a non-smoking environment. However, it seems our federal government in this day and age is helping cripple our country as opposed to our forefathers.  Our roads are crumbling with plans to repair or rebuild on the back burner.  Federal regulations are forcing our Coal industries out.  Coal is the most reliable and cheapest source of  energy we posses as a nation.

Anyone who has dealt with DEF and the federal government more than likely does not like it and is probably saying urea on it!

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