If before this week you were not patriotic,  didn’t feel compelled to thank a soldier or become a volunteer just take another look at our front page.

Fishing for Freedom was a huge success over the weekend with men and women from across the area volunteering their time to provide fun and relaxation for wounded veterans.  It is tugging on my heartstrings to participate next year and hopefully encourage the organizers to “parade” through our little home town.  I can see it now, the entire community, young and old, lining the streets waiving flags and the sense of pride we would all have not only the veterans, but the people of Monroe City.

If boats and water are not your idea of fun, you could hop on your favorite tractor and help support the Great River Honor Flight by raising money with the North River Old Iron Club.  The images captured of this event are heart warming.

And who doesn’t love a little red wagon?  A timeless toy that has survived the generation gaps created by progress.  Giving back is a good thing and I feel we should all be so kind.  How great would things be if we all embraced this thought.

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