“The Barry Toons on page three looks like it may be out of link.”  Nathan said as we were finishing up this week.

This took me straight to the thought of my family.  “We are missing a link.”

This is a common phrase here at the paper, but one we never want to imagine as a family.

It has been hard plugging away with our daily lives the past three weeks.

On the heels of Memorial Day, this is something many families have gone through over the years.  My grandfather was a WWII Veteran, he lived a grand long life.  There are those less fortunate and many families have been left with a missing a link.  Our airfield is named in honor of a local fallen soldier.  We all fondly call our own.  Captain Ben Smith.  I know he was fond of his family.  Working with him as a young teenager at the Monroe City Swimming Pool, he often spoke of his family movie nights and how his father would have them watch until the end of the credits, I remember wondering why.  The credits to a movie are very much like a memorial of what is in the past, but never forgotten.  May God Bless our soldiers, fallen or not.  My prayers are that we will always be able to keep our links in tact and never forget how we got where we are.

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