Praise the Lord for the much needed rain we are receiving here lately.   Before a rain you may notice little signs like the leaves of corn plants in a field reaching high to the sky in preparation of relief from the heat and dry temperatures of summer.  You may also notice the leaves of trees turning up, exposing the lighter color from underneath, like the palms of your hands. When a plant is struggling, it does not tell us, it is quiet, exerting all of its energy to stay vibrant and support the coming fruit of its labor. The crop will give us signs that harvest may be less than we had hoped, or planned.

The crop of  a farmer is much like a Christian.  We are steadfast in our beliefs.  We are strong and when facing a struggle, often times we do not speak, but turn our palms up, praying for comfort.

When in need we pray, much like the pointed leaves of a corn plant in need of water, we look to the Lord and find comfort in knowing He will fulfill our needs if we trust in Him and accept Him as our Lord and Savior.

You may also notice that when it rains, not only do our crops flourish, but the weeds in our gardens take on a new life.  Often times grow out of control and try to choke out our plants, leaving  us feeling overwhelmed.  It is then we must stay steadfast and take the time to weed our gardens and tend to our crops so that the fruits of our labor will flourish and we may share with our neighbors.

Beans in a field will lean toward the afternoon light of the sun,  much like Christians, we lean toward our Father’s son.

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