As a pre-teen, I really wanted to be in 4-H.  I had friends who were, and I envied the fair time they had and the cool art projects that their parents helped them with.

As a child I didn’t have that opportunity, but as a parent I am wrapped tight in the grasp of 4-H and I enjoy thoroughly the fun times I have with our girls.  They have learned the importance of volunteering.  They have learned that if you start something, you finish it, no matter how hard it is.  They have learned many trades from photography to archery and cake decorating to showing swine at the county fair.

It is a lot of running for us parents, but the time I spend with my girls is always worth it.  When our oldest was very small we started 4-H shooting sports with a gentleman named Sonny Lee.  Mr. Lee is a great example of how volunteering is important and sculpts others lives.  At Micha’s first shoot, she did very well and Sonny coined her as “Annie Oakley, she proudly embraced this nickname and has held stead fast to proving her self worth at the range.  This past weekend she attended her first State Championship shoot, where she shot two rounds of 100 clays each in 95 degree weather.

(Trap is her game of choice at this time.)

Through perseverance and hard work she was able to become the second top female ATA shooter.  She ranked sixth overall.  Needless to say we owe a little of this to the tireless volunteers we have met through 4-H.

I am looking forward to seeing where all the blood, sweat and tears will take her in the future.

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