I had the opportunity to make a really fun call last night, I felt a little like Pat Sajak.  Giving away a vacation was fun stuff!  (Go to page 12 and read the story before you go on…)

Anyone who knows Mrs. Fuemmeler knows she is one of the most selfless women on the Universe and deserves her prize. She was very excited and completely in shock when I revealed to her that, she was the winner of our Cabin Fever Promotion.  Hopefully many of you who participated took the time to browse and take in the  amazing restaurants and shops who most graciously accepted my offer to be in the passport.  They are “givers” (See the letter to the editor this week for  more on that.)  Speaking of Fuemmeler, this past weekend was a celebration of days gone by for the Holy Rosary community.  One day back in 1986 I believe it was…(Insert smiley face). I was playing hide and seek at recess at Holy Rosary. I had chosen the best spot atop the monkey bars, where Brad Fuemmeler jumped up to tag me and didn’t let go… I came plummeting down like a sack of feed.  My big brother quickly came to the rescue. (See, he does love me.)  Another fond memory I have of Holy Rosary was the day we celebrated Mr. Ryan’s 80th birthday.  Every child and teacher in the school gathered in the playground and sang to him.  We had made dandelion creations for him, after all, he had always went to the roof top to retrieve our bouncy balls we tried so hard to accidentally breach the brick wall.  Farewell is not always goodbye, we still have our memories.

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