The Changing World

What part are you playing in our changing world? Will you be a taker or a giver? We hear employers, who are looking for help in many fields say they can’t find help. On the other side we hear there are no jobs.

Many jobs are being replaced with mechanization or being sent to other parts of the world where people are willing to do the jobs. Many of our local businesses are looking for help every week as you can see with all the ads in the papers. Available jobs are not the problem. Finding people who want to earn their way and not take all the government handouts are the problem. When people have no purpose in life but to go to the mailbox for the government handouts, they are destroying their lives. We all need to have a strong work ethic and take pride in what we accomplish every day.

We hear out political (not so bright) want to give more and more away to people who I call the takers. If the (not so bright) would only stop and think, they would see they have already given it all away. We are running short on the givers in this country today. Unrealistic expectations of entitlement that exist today will doom us all in the not too distant future if we don’t remove the specter of entitlement.

Those who have learned to accept an unemployed or underemployed way of life forever will reach a time when the takers outnumber the givers and the money will run out. The givers have always and will continue to protect those who need protection. The givers also know the burden of those who choose willfully not to make any contributions to their own well being and feel that their existence entitles them to share in the giver’s wealth will be in deep trouble when the givers are gone. Takers will be forced to accept what the givers have left for them.

I sincerely hope the graduating high school and college students will take a good look at the satisfaction they will receive in life by becoming a giver. They will have the feeling of pride in being part of the solution. They will have difficult challenges to work through that will make them better able to meet the next challenge.

Challenge yourself and encourage everyone you know to be a giver and not a taker so we can make this country and world a better place to live and work.

J.C Shoemeyer

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