This area is blessed to have Dr. Monica Otto for a veterinarian. She is one of the most caring vets I have had the pleasure to associate with, making every effort possible to see that area pets receive the best care available.  Through her efforts, Dr. Otto has nearly eliminated the feral or stray cat population in the rural area here.  When I first moved to this area it was not uncommon for a stray or feral cat to show up here, every few days.  It has now been weeks since the last one appeared and after being spayed or neutered in rescue it went to a farmer’s barn to live and never contribute to the cat overpopulation again. There is a jar on the counter where anyone coming in can contribute to helping with this rescue. I give every time I can and urge others to do the same.

Once again Dr. Otto has asked for the city’s help in stopping this problem in Monroe City and it seems it has once again fallen on deaf ears according to a recent article in The Lake Gazette. The best the city can do is providing information on animals when they are picked up.  Are they saying they will do nothing to enforce the laws already in place or possibly follow the recommendations of Dr. Otto to help stop the overpopulation of stray cats and dogs?  Shame on you Board of Alderman; if you don’t take the advice, then you are contributing to the problem.

Take a look at how this makes your city appear to anyone driving through when a half starved cat limps across a main street or a penned or tied dog is constantly barking because it has no food, water or shelter. This is plain and simple animal abuse and every time someone advertises “free” kittens or puppies because they have not taken the responsibility to have their pet spayed or neutered then they are also abusing their pet and all those given away who most likely end up in the pound. The vicious circle continues as the city will let anyone take a pet from the pound without making sure it is spayed or neutered first and the person vetted as to whether they can care for the pet life long or not.

I don’t live in Monroe City but I do 90 percent of my business there, plus friends who live there that I visit. I am stunned at the number of stray and uncared for animals that I see nearly every visit to this town.

I can’t imagine how any city officials can live with themselves when they allow this animal abuse to continue, especially when you have a caring vet willing to take on the problem.

Judy Sullivan

Rural Palmyra

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