Mayor John Long

As we prepare for the work week and update ourselves about COVID-19.  Please keep in mind all of the necessary precautions advice by the CDC.  Social gathers of 10 or more are not advised. The City of Monroe City Mayor's office is recommending the closure of any public gatherings, public dining rooms, and social gatherings.  We are not asking you to close your business, but use all precautions.  If you are in the food business add a carryout or curb side pick up.  We encourage you, as a business to take full advantage and seek assistance if needed with Small Business Administration.  They can be found at  

I feel the quicker we take action the better off we will be to curve the exposure we have.  I am looking out for the welfare of our community and understand the economic impact that could endure.    We are updated from the health department and CDC daily.  And decisions and changes if needed will be made daily to unsure our health and well-being. 

We will keep our website up to date at as information is received.  Keep in mind that our information can change hourly.

John Long

Monroe City Mayor