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The Board of Alderman and City Officials met during a special meeting held via the internet over Zoom to discuss the standing of Arcadia Metalcraft and the pandemic of COVID-19. The council was unable to take any votes for the evening lacking a full quorum. Present for the meeting was Alderm…

The Hannibal Regional COVID-19 Hotline is available at (800) 845-7405.  The Hannibal Regional COVID-19 Hotline is available for anyone to call with questions related to COVID-19 and is available 24/7.

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Several area activities have been canceled due to the social distancing recommendations. Businesses are shutting down temporarily, closing doors and making adjustments to meet guidelines which are ever changing by the hour.

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As we prepare for the work week and update ourselves about COVID-19.  Please keep in mind all of the necessary precautions advice by the CDC.  Social gathers of 10 or more are not advised. The City of Monroe City Mayor's office is recommending the closure of any public gatherings, public din…