Golf course asks City to adopt full-time employee

Golf Course Image by Del Buckman

Photo of Mosswood Golf Course taken July 2, 2017 by Aerial Photographer Del Buckman.

Mosswood Golf Course President, Robert Dowell, addressed the Board of Alderman in a regular session City Council meeting on January 17. During open forum, Dowell explained the golf course would like the City to consider hiring the golf course’s full-time employee, Danny Adams, a city employee to save approximately $6,000 a year for the golf course.

Dowell explained, the golf course would still be responsible for paying the employee’s wages and insurance cost. Dowell assured the board members concerning part-time employees’ employment would remain as staffed by Mosswood Golf Course, stating, “All of our other employees are part-time and do not require insurance. These part-time employees would remain as employees of the golf course.”


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