Open House

Alumni, Matt Anderson, takes time to view Anna Lemongeli’s Hero project in honor of her uncle, Cpt. Ben Smith.

Holy Rosary School staff and students were busy celebrating Catholic Schools Week January 29 – February 2. The chosen theme this year for the week was Holy Rosary Students Learn, Serve, Lead and Succeed. The school held an open house on January 31, with the public invited to come and celebrate this annual tradition.

The event is celebrated annually throughout the nation. The Catholic Schools Week is coordinated to highlight the academic achievements and Christian values that are attained through Catholic education to the youth across the nation in Catholic Schools.

Each morning parents, grandparents and visitors were invited to come and join in prayer led by the students at 8:05 a.m. A different class led the prayer each day. On Friday morning, February 1, Mass was held in the Holy Rosary Church by the seventh-grade students.

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