On January 7, concerns were raised in a Monroe City R-1 High School classroom while receiving instruction on Social Studies. The discussion became uncomfortable enough for one student, who chooses to remain anonymous, removed themselves from the classroom and stood in the hall. Superintendent Tony DeGrave shared, “This type of instruction will not be tolerated here,” adding, “Our students did an excellent job at communicating the situation. We should be teaching from a neutral viewpoint.”

The concerns of several parents, along with students, are the viewpoints allegedly being taught by one teacher in particular.

Students reported to their parents, the teacher had allegedly instructed students on the riot attacks at the Capitol building, sharing viewpoints and derogatory remarks about the President of the United States, the Republican Party and his hatred towards President Donald Trump.

Some believe, teaching bias viewpoints happens all across the nation in public school systems and colleges. Superintendent DeGrave shared the MCR-1 School District follows policy 6242, which states: No partisan political views may be espoused by any teacher or staff member; however, teachers may teach about political parties and politics as related to the governmental systems of the nation or world. It is the public-school systems job to educate from a neutral standpoint. There is no question that a double standard exists between conservative and liberal studies in the public-school system all across America.