Monroe City sees a $20,000,000 Utility Revenue Bond question on the April 4 ballot

The community of Monroe City has a choice on the ballot on April 4. Voting yes will ensure low interest fixed rates on impending Water, Gas, and Electric projects.

On the ballot will be a question that states as seen here. “Shall the City of Monroe City, Missouri, issue its combined utility system revenue bonds in the amount of [$20,000,000 for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, furnishing, equipping, extending and improving the City’s combined utility system, which includes the City’s electric system, gas system, and water system, including the acquisition of real estate and easements related thereto, the cost of operation and maintenance of said system and the principal of and interest on said revenue bonds to be payable solely from the revenues derived by the City from the operation of its combined utility system, including all future extensions and improvements thereto?”