Monroe City Fire Department helps control; fire prevents losing nearby structure

Wood shop is total loss in Oct. 25 fire off of Monroe Road 567.

Mid afternoon on Oct. 25 a fire broke out on Monroe Rd 567. The fire caught hold of a 50 x 50 woodworking shed attached to a utility garage. The garage housed a mower, boat, and skid loader. The property owner was able to remove the boat and mower before the fire overtook the garage. When the Monroe City Fire Department arrived on scene, Rich Enochs, Fire Chief, was able to move a skid loader out of the way as the door got hot. The entire woodworking shed had been engulfed upon the fire department’s arrival, and smoke was able to be seen above the trees on Highway 24. The shed was fully involved and unfortunately collapsed under the flames. The Monroe City Fire Department was able to control the fire and it did not spread to any other nearby structures, and flames were eventually put out. The cause of the fire is unknown and there were no injuries involved.