Brad Ruhl, Owner and Broker at Premier Property 360, located at 109 East Main Street, Perry, opens store front with pride and enthusiasm.

Having an eye for the right timing is something people must acquire for success. The right time plays a big part in how we are able to invest our virtue and strengths. This is exactly what outstanding businessman Brad Ruhl has done in Perry. Ruhl stated, “The quality service I want to provide for customers could not be done without going out on my own,” adding, “The market is up and this was a great opportune time to seek after the way I would like to represent the real estate business.” As customers walk through the door at 109 East Main Street, Perry, they can experience the immediate, at home atmosphere created by Ruhl, who welcomes people in with his comforting conversation and fun-loving standpoint. A person visiting can easily learn the importance of fairness and loyalty Ruhl carries for people as a whole.


Shelter Insurance Agent Kyle Mack

The location of the business is in downtown Perry, with bright orange poles and huge store front windows, providing an eye-catching appeal to those passing by. Inside there is office space for rent, which will be providing a second location for Shelter Insurance Agent, Kyle Mack. Mack stated, “I have been wanting to expand to a second location for a while. When Ruhl called and offered a rental space, I knew this was a great opportunity. Mack started his first location in Hannibal with much success and now serves both Marion and Ralls Counties with their insurance needs. Mack explained, the company is able to give lower rates to their customers, stating, “Our company is mid-west based, companies which are nationwide have rates effected by every natural disaster that happens. Our rates are effected by what happens here.”

While feeling at home is important, Ruhl explains, he knows the professionalism it takes to help buyers and sellers get the best experience, adding, “Customer service is important. I know being trustworthy and honest is a must. Every customer that walks through my door is promised both.”

Ruhl stated, “I don’t operate my agency the same as others.” Premier Properties 360 operates their business as the customers advocate, whether it is a buyer or a seller, Ruhl said, “I don’t do business as a dual agent. I will not work at both ends of the listing. Either I am helping a customer buy a home, or helping a customer sell a home. I do this so I can give my clients the best customer service possible.”


Brad Ruhl stands outside the Premier Properties 360  store front at 109 East Main Street, Perry. 

Ruhl will also have Agent Jeffrey Barton working in the office with him, who will give the same confidence and dedication to the customer, helping handle all dual agency situations as they arise. This will give Premier Properties 360 the availability to provide the best possible customer service on both ends of  buying and selling, allowing each to be sincere advocates for their client.

“A customer on average will buy three homes in a lifetime, it is my goal to make them happy enough to return to my location to do business again,” adding, “As well as their children and family when they are ready to buy or sell a property.”

Premier Properties 360 is available to do business with properties including homes, land and farms located in Ralls, Marion, Monroe and Pike Counties. The business will offer high tech drone images within the next 30 days and virtual tours to customers, which will help expand the area reached. Ruhl stated, “In the past month, I was able to sell a farm to someone who lived out of town. The buyer purchased the property without ever physically being present on the property because of the virtual tour that was available.” For more information Brad Ruhl can be reached at (573)406-4350, by e-mail or online at

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