To serve is a selfless act; true joy is received through giving


A desire to serve others is a gift, a talent which paints a picture of a giving character one may possess to show kindness to others. There are many career paths one can journey on of dedicating such a gift. Opportunities to serve others come about every day. Only those who truly discover the joy it brings to help another, engage in being a helping hand.

Hometown native, Sarah McNally, does just that every day, knowing she is fulfilling a destiny for her love to serve. Sarah has spent the last 29 years dedicating her time to serve others in her community. A familiar face to many, Sarah has made a lifetime career at Pizza Hut, helping make customers enjoy their dining experience.


Not only does Sarah serve at her job, she also serves in the community. She is a member of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church and serves as a communion minister to her church family. In her free time, she enjoys time at the Monroe City Nutrition Center playing cards and dominos. Sarah also enjoys having friends over for an evening of playing games and fellowship.


Sarah began working at Pizza Hut in August of 1990, just three years after the restaurant opened, explaining, “I never expected to stay here so long. Originally, I was going to go work for Diemakers.” The job has given her opportunities to make new friends with co-workers and customers, stating, “I like meeting and seeing different people. I truly enjoy serving others.”

Throughout the years she recalls many changes. She stated, “We used to make our own dough and pan it. There were two sinks, one for glasses and one for dishes, now we have a dishwasher.” She reminisced about the years throughout her career and how the restaurant has transformed, adding, “At one time there were tablecloths on all the tables and we had to give the customers placemats to eat on.”

From November of 1992 through September 2016, Pizza Hut offered a lunch buffet, Sarah admitted the lunch buffet brought in a lot of customers during lunch hour, stating, “I miss being able to have the large lunch crowd to serve.” She works mostly days and explained the restaurant seems to be busier during the evening shift. Sarah stated with a smile, “I am not just there for a pay check. I care about the store and its presentation, I like to make sure the cleaning gets done.”

In 2005, Sarah stated, “I was challenged with the new technology of computers. At the time, it was frustrating.” “Now, the customers have the option of ordering on-line which breaks down the line of communication with people and how you can serve them,” she explained, adding, “I have learned from being a server, people like to be treated decent.” On-line ordering prevents servers from being able to relay messages if the restaurant does not have an item available.


Having a heart to serve comes by no surprise. Sarah is the sixth child of ten in her family. Her father was in the Navy and she remembers moving to different places as a child, Sarah stated, “We had a great life and got to meet all kinds of people.” Sarah graduated from Holy Rosary Catholic School in eighth grade.

After graduating eighth grade, her family relocated to Jefferson City and she attended Helias Catholic School, until completing high school. She stated, “I have always worked a job that served, I worked at McDonalds for twelve years before moving back to Monroe City.” Sarah shared about being one of the younger siblings and receiving lots of attention and love, adding, “I was spoiled.”

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