Megan smiles at the blessing of her quintuplets, born September 2.

This year has been a whirlwind of changes and adjustments, but it hasn’t stopped the Hulen family from finding plenty of reasons to celebrate. On September 2, Joshua and Megan Hulen, welcomed Allison Rose, Adam James, Madison Danielle, Emma Grace and Chloe Ann to their family. Overnight the family of four became a family of nine, as the babies were welcomed home by brothers Jacob Scott, who is eight years old and Matthew Daniel, who is two years old.

No doubt a blessing, these beautiful babies were welcomed home by a mom who thought having a big family wasn’t possible. Megan shared, “I didn’t see us being able to have a big family like we had wanted,” as she explained their second child was born with Nager Syndrome and requires daily medical attention. Matthew, depends on his parents to feed him through a tube and requires trach care each day because of his underdeveloped bones in his face. He also was born with shortened bones in his limbs and without thumbs. Megan shared, “He amazes me on how well he has adapted. The syndrome does not affect cognitive learning, and he surprises me all the time with the things is able to do.” Megan thought Matthew would be jealous of all the babies, but turns out he is super protective of all his new siblings and gets upset when they are crying or being burped.

Jacob received answered prayer with his new siblings. Megan explained, “He was the only person who guessed all of the babies genders correctly. Four girls and one boy. He told us he had been praying for sisters.”

Prior to finding out they were pregnant with quadruplets, the couple had decided to try and have another child. Megan is unable to ovulate on her own and had used Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) in the past with success. The couple had started the IUI process, but were told the medications were not working and had stopped the process. Megan shared, “We had given up on the idea of having another child and then I became pregnant. It was totally unexpected when I found out I was pregnant.”

Joshua and Megan are both originally from Paris, but now live in North Dakota, after relocating with Joshua’s career at BNSF Railroad. Joshua is the son of Gary and Janie Hulen and Megan is the daughter of Gene and Rita Arnett, all of Paris. Megan explained, “Joshua took the promotion so he could be home every night with us.” A choice they are both glad they made now, as they are raising seven children at home.

At three months old, everybody is adjusting and learning each other’s personalities. She stated, “Allison is the ring leader, she likes to be held a lot,” explaining she fusses if she isn’t being held even though she hasn’t been held more than the others.

Megan, a stay at home Mom, cares for her children during the day by herself while her husband is at work. She stated, “I take each day as it comes. Lots of people ask how I do it. I just do. It’s crazy, my day consists of feeding, changing, rocking and burping, then you just do it all again, over and over.”

Joshua and Megan wouldn’t change anything and are loving their new crazy life. Just last week they attempted to go on an outing for the first time to the mall to do a little shopping. Megan explained, “There were a couple of rough moments, but successful for our first family outing.”

Adding five babies to the family, the Hulens are growing out of their three-bedroom home and are hoping to purchase a 12-passenger van. Megan explained, “Right now its bassinets and mini cribs. We make it work, I’m not sure how, but it does.” All the babies are weighing over 9 pounds and healthy, each becoming their own person. Certainly, a reason to celebrate this Christmas season.