WGC_9405 Apple Butter Crew.JPG

Niki Harris, Jeremiah Harris, Ronda Beck, Carson Worrell, Dennis Franks, Jacob Martin, Kristopher Franks, Jeanne Worrell, David Worrell, Christina Franks, Robert Roland. Not in photograph, other workers are Kenny and Vicky Worrell and Ted Worrell. Photograph submitted by Bill Crager.

The family of Rhonda Beck gathered together on September 24-25 for a few days to peel, slow cook and fill quart jars with their homemade Apple Butter.

A family tradition they enjoy annually each Fall. Beck also prepares her “special” Apple Butter cake, which the family agrees is “yummy good stuff”.

WGC_9406 Apple Butter Crew.JPG

Apple butter cooking.

This culminates a week of gathering various varieties of apples from her trees and friends’ trees. This is a labor of love, as it is hard intensive work but the fellowship of family and friends make it all worth while.

The Beck family processed and packed 79 quarts of that wonderful Apple Butter over the weekend.

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