Fun, Creative Social Campaign to Raise Awareness and Funds


Based in Loudoun, Va, the Canines-N-Kids Foundation is a national, charitable nonprofit committed to finding a cure to the devastating cancers that canines and children face in common, including bone cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma and leukemia.

Canines-N-Kids Foundation (CNK) is kicking off its #DogBowlChallenge, a fun way for people and pet dogs to #LickCancer that both people (especially kids) and pups develop by raising awareness and funds for comparative research.

“We wanted to bring a little levity to a serious issue,” explained Ulrike Szalay, Founder and Executive Director, Canines-N-Kids Foundation, a nonprofit workinDBCphoto.jpgg to put an end to cancers kids and man’s best friend both develop.  “Dogs and kids share many of the same cancers and by sharing research between human and dog doctors and researchers, we have a much better chance of finding a cure and treatments that help both. Our #DogBowlChallenge will encourage more people to get involved in finding a solution.”

The #DogBowlChallenge is similar to others that have gone viral on social media, but this involves people and pet dogs pledging support by participating and donating.  Canines-N-Kids is asking for people to compete with their furry friend by simultaneously slurping whipped cream out of a bowl (preferably a dog bowl).  To make it fair, the human must do it with either hands behind their back or with all four on the floor side by side with their pup. Participants can either start the challenge in their social media circle or accept the challenge from others.

The challenge has four steps.

One, accept the challenge within 24 hours of being nominated. 

Two, gather supplies including two clean dog bowls, a can of whipped cream, a phone to capture video, and a sense of humor.

Three, make a 30 second or less video that includes an introduction, a shout out to Canines-N-Kids and the nominator, and the human and pup racing to finish the whipped cream treat first. 

Step four, post the video to Facebook, Instagram (tag @CaninesnKids) and Twitter (@CNKFoundation) and challenge three friends. 

Use #DogBowlChallenge and #LickCancer hashtags and include The Canines-N-Kids website has more details about the challenge, including sample posts and a video.

According to the American Cancer Society, cancer is the number one cause of disease-related death in children.  Nearly 16,000 children in the US will be diagnosed with cancer this year and yet only four drugs have been approved for kids’ cancers the past 40 years.  For the six million canine patients diagnosed with cancer each year, the outlook is no better.  Nearly half of all canines die from cancer. Several cancers develop in both kids and man’s best friend such as bone cancer, brain cancer, lymphoma and leukemia. In many cases, these cancers are biologically similar or even indistinguishable between kids and dogs, and also far more prevalent in man’s best friend.

Funds raised through the #DogBowlChallenge will support the Foundation’s work to promote the promising science of comparative oncology – studying and treating spontaneously developing cancer in canine patients when they get sick.  The research can help doctors better understand and accelerate the development of better medicines and a cure for kids with those same cancers.