Blessing others with artistic inspiration


To have a talent is a gift, to share the talent with others is a blessing. One Monroe City resident has done just that for the past 15 years in the community. Rhonda Woods-McHargue has dedicated her time and talents to inspiring others in the community.


    Rhonda has worked countless hours with generations of youth, helping develop their artistic abilities through several forms of dance, song and visual arts. Not only is she instructing others, but has also provided entertainment for all ages to enjoy in the heart of downtown. She is a dedicated individual who displays her gentle and caring character for all to see.


    Rhonda holds a degree in Performing Arts with emphasis on dance. She is a graduate of Oklahoma University and has been teaching a variety of arts for more than 30 years. Rhonda has a continued desire to bring quality training in the arts to our community, bringing our youth up in a wholesome atmosphere.  Always striving for excellence, commitment and integrity in all of their endeavors.


    Rhonda has owned and operated the Fabulous Feet Dance Company at 109 South Main Street for the past 15 years.  Classes are taught after school, Monday – Thursday. McHargue offers tap, jazz, ballet, point, theatre, liturgical (also known as praise and worship), voice lessons and visual arts to her students for ages 3 years old and up. Private lessons are also offered at an additional fee for all her students. Rhonda believes dancing helps with a child’s self-esteem, teaches them teamwork, focus and responsibility, stating, “Dance also helps a child with social skills. I want to further the awareness of art in the community. Art is important and is something positive provided for the youth in the community.”

    In February of 2018, Rhonda lost her husband and business partner, Richard McHargue. She shared, “My biggest change and adjustment is, of course, continuing without my precious husband.” Richard was known to some of the students as “Grandpa” and helped assist at the dance studio. Rhonda has continued building the business and currently works at The Apron Cafe.


    In her spare time, Rhonda edits music and prepares for dance classes. She still performs on occasion. Recently she has hosted several Dinner Dance Theatre shows for the public to enjoy at The Apron Cafe. Rhonda also shared, “I sing at church and paint. I take portrait and other art commissions.”


    Rhonda brings performances that are both moving and uplifting. She includes comedy and a heartfelt experience to those who watch her shows.  The youth demonstrate recitals of positive energy and please the crowd with their graceful steps.


    Rhonda brings dances which are performed to wholesome and pure music by teaching technique and terminology. She continues to bring life to the downtown area with her hard work, contagious smile and amazing talents.