The Quarles' Farm located four miles north of Florida, MO will be the site for those interested in digging artifacts and escavating, which will be led by Karen Hunt.

Mark Twain’s well-known Quarles’ farm will host an all-volunteer dig on Saturday, September 7, Saturday, September 14, and Saturday, September 21 at the hilltop site located just off highway 107 four miles north of Florida, MO.

Beginning at 9 a.m. each day, anyone interested in archaeology is encouraged to attend. Those wanting to “dig” in the dirt must be at least 10 years old. Adults may dig or help with artifacts. Participants should bring lunch, snacks and water. Tools and instruction will be provided. Children that come must be accompanied by an adult: ie. 1 child-1 adult, 2 children-2 adults.

This is the twelfth year of excavating. This year the excavation will center around the servants’ quarters (“slave cabin”) behind the house. Recently two bus loads of people (60 in all) visited the site. They were from 22 states and four countries.

The “dig” will be directed by Ms. Karen Hunt, a professional archaeologist. An “Open House” will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on September 21. Artifacts from the past digs will be on display.

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