Monroe City Panther Players will present The Wizard of Oz musical this weekend. The musical will be performed at the Monroe City Middle School with four available show times. Starting on April 9 at 7 p.m., April 10 at 8 p.m. and then on April 11 at 2 and 7 p.m.


Panther Players Sponsor and Vocal Music Director Austin Long stated, “This musical is a show of all the hard work, dedication, and creativity across multiple generations of the people of Monroe City. Our Wizard of Oz is that old familiar story, with the minds and music of our very talented students. The opening of this production welcomes families and friends, and seeks to capture the wonder of Oz, while celebrating the wonder and magic found on stage. Please join us this weekend for the Wizard of Oz.”


Starring in the musical are: Rachel Hommert as Dorothy; Connor Pfaff as Zeke the Cowardly Lion; Logan Lucas as Hunk the Scarecrow; Beau Lucus as Hickory the Tinman.  Senior Clara Minor is starring as Mrs. Gulch the Wicked Witch of the West; Savannah Utterback as Glinda the Good; Anna Barnes as Aunt Em; Aaron Elliott as Uncle Henry and the Emerald City Guard; Corey Weiss as Wizard of Oz; Lauren Smith as Mayor and Munchkin Number 1; Abigail Smith as Coroner and Munchkin Number 2; Carly Youngblood as Barrister; Makenzie McMurdo as Munchkin; Shelby Wright as Winkie General; Julie Ryan, Anna Barnes, Abigail Smith and Lauren Smith are Winkies; Ava Yutzy as Tree Number 1; Ella Hays as Tree Number 2; and Anna Barnes as Tree Number 3; Maddy Gares, Makenzie McMurdo, Sophia Mudd, Hannah Wheeler, Anna Barnes, Riley Fortner and Lauren Smith as Poppies; Kailynn Fuemmeler as Crow Number 1; Sophia Mudd as Crow Number 2; Shelby Wright as Crow Number 3; Julie Ryan, Ava Yutzy, Ella Hays, Maddy Gares, Makenzie McMurdo, Sophia Mudd, Hannah Wheeler, Anna Barnes and Lauren Smith as Ozians; Taylor Pfaff, Kailynn Fuemmeler, Shelby Wright, Chloe Hauk, Nora Gottman, Abigail Smith, Savannah Utterback and Carly Youngblood as Ozian Beautician; Mady Gares, Makenzie McMurdo, Sophia Mudd, Hannah Wheeler, Anna Barnes, Lauren Smith and Riley Fortner as Jitterbugs and Twister Dancers; Carly Youngblood as Nikko; Nora Gottman, Chloe Hauk and Shelby Wright as Monkeys; and Maddy Gares and Anna Barnes as Dance Captains.