Student Luke Long seen here with artist Rhonda Woods McHargue along with portraits of Luke and his sister.

An Exposition d’Art brought several to downtown Monroe City on Saturday, August 24.

The event was held at the Apron Café from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Local artist and portraiture, Rhonda Woods McHargue, invited the public to come and view over 20 portraits while enjoying Tracy Grove at the piano.


Tracy Grove performed for the evenings event at The Apron Cafe.

McHargue shared a wide variety of her portraits, including a recent portrait of the late Larry Washington. The artwork was on display throughout the café. Guests enjoyed a wide assortment of canape’s including salmon and cucumber dill, mini desserts and sparkling drinks.


McHargue's most recent work, a painting of the the late Larry Washington.

The atmosphere painted an elegant ambience and soft mood. The tables were covered with white table linens and the chairs were covered to match. Portraits could be viewed and admired from every table.


Guests enjoyed sparkling drinks and light food as they enjoyed the elegance of art.

Several portraits included local faces and were painted with precise colors, hues and images to resemble each person represented.

McHargue stated, “It was a lovely and elegant night with friends. Thanks to all who loaned portraits back to me to show, and to Debbie for the great food and opportunity to show my work.”


Portraits painted by McHargue.


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