Co-Valedictorian Spencer Fuller waves to the crowd, as his dad, Dan Fuller escorts him in the Class of 2020 parade at the four way stop of Main Street and Business Highway 24&36, on June 26.

The Class of 2020 celebrated their graduation accomplishments with a parade on Friday, June 26. Family, loved ones and community members gathered along Business Highway 24&36 and Main Street to watch each graduate pass by waving, throwing candy and smiling in excitement to finish their high school career.


Ryan Kendrick waves to the crowd, as his parents Jeff and Mary Kendrick escort him in the 2020 Graduation Parade.


Keenan Batsell rides in style with his mother, Ericka Batsell.

Each vehicle was allowed only one student per vehicle, with the parade starting promptly at 6 p.m. Leading the parade was the Monroe City Police Department, who also stopped traffic for the parade to be held. There were vehicles decorated in black and gold colors with photos, balloons and memorabilia of their high school years. As the graduates passed by everyone waved and little ones gathered the sweet treats thrown. The parade ended with a few graduates riding their horses, including Ava Gottman, Alicia Heineke and Will Crain.


Ava Gottman and Alicia Heineke join their classmates horseback style during the parade.