The city public pool sits empty after COVID-19 concerns and lack of applicants to staff the pool.

The Board of Alderman met in regular session on May 21. The fate of the Monroe City Pool for the summer season was on the agenda for discussion. Among the discussion of health safety, the City Administrator also informed the board there was a lack of interest in applications to staff the pool.

The lifeguards would have normally been hired in early May and completed the lifeguard training class to staff the pool. Currently there are not enough certified lifeguard applicants to hire and others have already committed to other summer jobs.

The YMCA, of Hannibal, will be offering lifeguard training classes to individuals 15 years old and older. The class will start on June 1 and interested individuals will be required to attend all the classes to complete the course, which will be completed on June 13.

After much discussion, the Board of Alderman made a motion not to move forward with opening the pool this season with all in favor. Alderman Connie Painter and Melissa Hays were absent for the vote.