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Years Ago

Posted on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 9:15 am

120 Years Ago
Nov. 9, 1893
On November 7, 216 persons were confirmed at St. Stephen’s Church at Indian Creek, the Mass being celebrated by the Rev. Fr. Cahill of Macon. Rev. Fr. Gallaher was priest of the Indian Creek Parish.
A. Boulware, Ezra Hampton and Fred Wood, planned to join the Monroe City hunters in southeast Missouri.
George W. Tompkins invoiced the stock of drugs of J.T. Dowell at Florida. The stock was purchased by X.P. Ball of Monroe City, who was planning to move the stock to this place of business here.
Miss Lida Carlile and Richard Walker were married Nov. 2 by the Rev. R.L. Wilson.
James S. Scott shipped two carloads of cattle and H.W. Wood three carloads of cattle to Chicago. Yates & Barger also shipped one car of cattle and three loads of hogs to the Chicago market.
The inside of the J.T. Christian grocery store was being papered and redecorated.
R.E. Lear attended a meeting of the commissioners of the reform school at Boonville.
Miss Anna L. Hooper of Monroe City and John C. Tiffin of Sedalia were married November 8 at the residence of W.T. Clark in this city by the Rev. William H. Hatch. They left on the 1 o’clock train for Sedalia.
D.H. Stevens gave up his position as bookkeeper at the Monroe City Bank to travel for the Safety Fund Life Association. His position at the bank was taken over by his sister, Miss Clara Stevens.
100 Years Ago
Nov. 14, 1913
The Monroe County Odd Fellows’ reunion at Stoutsville Nov. 12 was largely attended. Addresses were given in the afternoon and degree work given during the evening.
A new standard thermometer was installed at the front of the Farmers & Merchants Bank. It made a red mark each day on a record sheet which indicated the temperature every moment in each 24 hours.
J.D. Rohr sold his dwelling property to H. Levy, consideration $3,000. Mr. Rohr bought Mr. Levy’s stock of variety goods and went to St. Louis Nov. 11 to lay in a large invoice of variety goods embracing everything in that line.
Dr. J.N. Southern and Dr. W.B.A. McNutt were called to Frank Brower’s north of this city Nov. 8 to treat his son, Willie Moore Brower, who arm was badly crushed in a feed grinder. The right arm suffered a compound fracture below the elbow and the flesh was badly lacerated.
A daughter was born Nov. 6 to Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Foster. A son was born Nov. 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Utterback.
The Monroe City High School football team played the Shelbina football team Nov. 11 at the local athletic field. Monroe City, who had two weeks previously suffered defeat at the hands of Shelbina, won the game with a final score of 7-0.
90 Years Ago
Nov. 8, 1923
M.C. Hawkins & Son stated a new candy kitchen, the first ever in town. Their candy-making rooms were upstairs over the grocery store which they had been operating for several years. The new branch was in charge of Marion Tuttle.
An election was held to elect the staff for the Zizzer, the yearbook of the Monroe City High School. They included: Associate editor, Mary Byrd Boulware; art editor, Marie Nash; business manager, Carroll Swearengen; advertising manager, Harold Lee Nolen; athletic editor, Dimmitt Jackson.
More than $300 had been turned into the Mark Twain Memorial Park Fund by the teachers and pupils of Monroe County rural schools. Florida School, taught by Miss Lelia McGee, a graduate of Monroe City High School, leading off with $59.05, with Hickory Grove, taught by Miss Pauline Hilbert, a close second, having turned in $58.10.
The seventh annual National Red Cross roll call was to start Armistice Day, Nov. 11, and to be continued until after Thanksgiving. Mrs. Joe Smith was selected by the executive committee of the Monroe City Chapter as chairman of the roll in this city and community.
80 Years Ago
Nov. 9, 1933
Dr. C.A. Noland was re-elected president of the Monroe City Chamber of Commerce for the 1933-34, making the third consecutive year he had been chosen to head this group. Two outstanding projects he had fostered and which were not yet completed were the paving of U.S. Highway 24 and the proposal for the establishment of tomato canning factory in Monroe City. All other officers of the chamber also were re-elected, including vice president, W.L. Ely; secretary, C.E. Robey, and treasurer, H.E. Strean.
The annual Red Cross roll call was to start in Monroe City Nov. 13 with W.L. Ely as roll call director. The membership quota for Monroe County was set at 500.
The district convention of rural mail carriers met at the Christian Church in Monroe City Nov. 5 with about 100 delegates from 16 counties attending. The purpose of the meeting was to select delegates to go to Washington to protest against the possible replacement of the equipment allowance of 4 cents a mile by a set mileage price.
Miss Lula Mae Potterfield, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Potterfield of Ely, and T.E. Lear, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Lear, were married Nov. 5 by the Rev. John golden at this home in Hannibal. Both were graduates of Monroe City High School.
George Hardy of Monroe City tied for first honors with Ernest Wagner in the two-mile track race between the University of Missouri and Drake University, between halves of the Nebraska-Missouri football game Saturday, Nov. 4, in Memorial Stadium at Columbia.
The seventh annual Northeast Missouri High School basketball tournament for girls was to take place in the Monroe City High School gymnasium Nov. 16-17-18. Teams from 25 counties were invited to compete for the district championship. In connection with the girls’ tournament the annual sub-district meet for the boys was to take place also, open to teams from Marion, Ralls, Shelby and Monroe counties. The M.H.S. girls were Monroe County championship title holders. The local girls had won the title every year but one since the initiation of the county tournament.
70 Years Ago
Nov. 11, 1943
Miss Rosemary Straub, only woman ever admitted to the bar in Monroe County, accepted a position with the law firm of Thompson, Mitchell, Thompson & Young in St. Louis.
Lightning set fire to a large cattle barn and shed on a farm north of Monroe City owned by Mrs. Thomas Dawson and Mrs. J.S. Conway. The loss was $15,000, with only about $3,300 insurance. Lloyd Yarbrough, who operated the 465-acre farm, lost $6,000 worth of grains and feeds and $5,000 worth of machinery.
Mrs. Harry See sold 160 turkeys to C.J. Horn at Hunnewell and her sister, Mrs. Henry Patterson sold 140, for a total of 300 birds.
New people: A daughter November 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chisham, a daughter October 31 to Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Lenerts of LaPrairie, Ill. Mr. Lenerts being the former Pearly Schluckebier; a son November 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Burkhardt of Hunnewell; a son November 4 to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Smallwood.
Howard Thiehoff was taking basic training in the U.S. Marines at San Diego, Calif.
Frank Rose, living northeast of Monroe City, had five sons serving in the armed forces: Sgt. Carlos Darrell Rose, Pfc. Everett Glenn Rose and Pfc. Clarence Rose were in the U.S. Army and Petty Officer Aubrey F. Rose and Eurbin Donald Rose were in the Navy.
Pvt. Kathryn Hickman, Canadian WAC, had a clerical position at Chatham, Ontario, Canada.
Pfc. Dean Renner arrived on furlough from the Aleutian Islands to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Renner.
60 Years Ago
Nov. 12, 1953
Thirty teams, 16 boys and 14 girls, were entered in the 29th invitational basketball tournament to be held at the Monroe City High School, December 4-12.
C.E. Hedges, Mark T. Swearengen, David Cornish, P.J. Butler, Wilfred S. Dawson and R.R. Rhinehart attended a dinner at the Mark Twain Hotel in Hannibal given for the NEMO Shrine Club by Leonard Hamm, Potentate Moolah Temple in St. Louis.
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Sherrill purchased the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sturges at 310 Green Street. The purchase price at $6,750. Mr. and Mrs. Sturges were moving to Chillicothe.
Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Egbert moved to the apartment at 314 North Main Street recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Yager. Mr. and Mrs. Garald Nesbitt moved to the property vacated by the Egberts on Second Street.
Mrs. Vernon Brydon and daughter, Doris, moved to the upstairs apartment on the west side of the double house east of Carps Department Store.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert McNally were parents of a son, named Mark Thomas, born November 9. Mr. and Mrs. David Forbis of Mexico were parents of a son, named Michael David, born October 10. Mrs. Forbis was the former Ruth Krigbaum.
Nine Rebekahs, who had been members of the Monroe City Lodge for 25 years or longer were seated at a special table at the annual supper night. Those honored were Mrs. Lena Brown, Miss Daisy Strean, Mrs. J.A. Shearman, Mrs. W.H. Wilson, Mrs. Sallie Kelley, Mrs. Earl Baldwin, Miss Nell Landers, Mrs. B.P. Swearengen and Mrs. R.L. Armstrong.
Cadet Richard R. Ellis, son of Dr. and Mrs. Harold F. Ellis, was approved for membership in Wentworth Military Academy’s Honor Guard.

50 Years Ago
Nov. 14, 1963
Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Harrison of Tucson, Ariz. were parents of a daughter, Dena Gaye, born November 8. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hardwick of Shelbina were parents of a son, Charles Randall, born October 24. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bastian of Hunnewell were parents of their first child, a daughter, born November 8. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Montgomery were parents of a son, David Anthony, born November 9. Mr. and Mrs. George Robert Dowell were parents of a daughter, Terri Lynn, born November 8.
Two Monroe City football players were placed on the Quint City All-Star Team. They were Archie Gordanier, outstanding guard, and Steve Garrett, halfback, the only junior to make the first team.
The Monroe City Bank mailed out 220 Christmas fund checks in the amount of $21,022.50.
Three thousand, seven hundred eighty six residents of Monroe City and the surrounding area received the Type III Sabin oral polio vaccine at the Monroe City Junior High School.
Dickie Minor, son of Mr. and Mrs. B.L. Minor, received the God and Country Award, one of Scouting’s highest awards. His two brothers, Terry and Ronnie, had received their God and County Awards the previous February.
40 Years Ago
Nov. 8, 1973
Monroe City residents, faced with a severe shortage of gas, responded by cutting down on consumption while city and industrial leaders sought answers to the problem. The city, which had used a total of 54,760 MCF’s (thousand cubic feet) of gas the previous November, had been allotted only 29,920 MCF’s for November 1973. The city, which had intervened in a hearing in Washington, D.C. regarding the curtailment in an attempt to receive a larger allotment, was being joined by many other cities and natural gas users in the Midwest.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ketsenburg were parents of their third child, Gena Dawn, born October 29.
Miss Jill Hagan, who was attending school in Fresno, Calif. and working in a restaurant evenings, had the thrill of waiting on Mike Connors, T.V.’s Joe Mannix and his sister. Miss Hagan was so excited she spilled some soup on him, but he left her a $6 tip nevertheless.
MCHS students who were candidates for the National Honor Society were Sheryl McMurdo, John Newlin, Donna Tanzey, Joan Yates and Gary Lipp.
The annual turkey dinner sponsored by the Holy Rosary Altar Society grossed over $3,400. Around 660 meals were served. Keith Hays was the winner of an afghan and Mrs. Leo Caldwell and Mrs. E.J. Yates III, each won a quilt.
Joe Buckman, with help from his son, Stuart, presented a program on meat cutting to members of the Fidelis Club at the Buckman’s Superette grocery store.
30 Years Ago
Nov. 10, 1983
Rains had swelled the water presently filling Mark Twain Lake to 4,000 acres. While that was a long way from normal pool about 70 boaters took advantage of the new lake to go duck hunting.
Each resident, living in the proposed area to be annexed by the city, learned how much voting can matter as the proposed was defeated by a single vote, 18-17. The measure passed early in the city with 112 in favor and 38 opposed; however a simple majority was required in both areas.
The Chamber Merchants Association was sponsoring a Christmas Open House to be held on Sunday, November 13 with participating merchants to remain open from 12 noon to 5 p.m. that day.
Lorrie Lehenbauer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Lehenbauer, graduated from Quincy Beauty Academy. She was employed at Naomi’s Beauty Salon.
Mike and Teresa Whelan were parents of a son, Aaron Michael born October 30. Mr. and Mr. Ron Williams were parents of twins, Monica Brianne and Michael Blake, born November 3. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Osborn were parents of a son, Christopher John, born November 6.
20 Years Ago
Nov. 4, 1993
Holy Rosary First graders were pictured planting tulips around the flag pole in honor of Red Ribbon Week.
The Debonaire Homemakers Club was to sponsor its 14th annual Craft Extravaganza on Nov, 6 at the Monroe City High School.
More than 700 persons attended the annual Holy Rosary Fall Dinner held at the Msgr. Connolly gymnasium. Jo Stewart was the winner of the Knights of Columbus raffle of $300 and Kevin Thompson won the second place award of $100.
Army Private Ben Smith, son of Bill and Kathy Smith of Indian Creek community, completed basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C.
The Holy Rosary Trojan football team had an undefeated season.
10 Years Ago
Nov. 5, 2003
Taken from the files of The Lake Gazette
The Monroe City High School Panther Players were to present the musical “Cinderella” Nov. 6-9. Anthony Hagan was to be Prince Charming; Whitney Mudd as Cinderella and Brooke Benson as the fairy godmother.
Dana Lynn Woodruff and Broderick Zane Bush were married June 14 at the United St. Paul Church of Christ in Kahoka.
Births: a son, Owen William, Oct. 23 to Bryant and Stacey McNally of Jefferson City; a son, Braeson Shaun Everett, Aug. 20 to Michelle Reese of Hannibal.