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Years Ago

Posted on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at 10:42 am

90 Years Ago
Aug. 11, 1922
The county court let the contract for $20.00 worth of road improvements in Monroe County. The project included approximately 6.7 miles in the Indian Creek vicinity.
The faculty for the Monroe City public school was completed and included: Lloyd W. King, superintendent; Miss Ella L. Gentry, principal of high school; Roy W. Carpenter, vocational agriculture; Miss Nellie Lewis, Miss Leona Nipper, Miss Leota Burton, Mrs. Roy W. Carpenter, Ray W. Dice, Miss Bess Wharton and Walter Swearengen, high school; Miss Lucille Wright, Miss Jeanette Vaughn, Miss Belle Threkhald, Miss Georgia Renshaw, Miss Sally Pollard, Miss Lenna Evans,  grade school and Roy Donaldson, Negro school.
The junior band enjoyed a day camp on Salt River near Florida, the group included Herman Dimmitt, Harold Lee Nolen, Thomas Boulware, Victor Losson, Dimmitt Jackson and Harold Thomas Hord. They were accompanied by Frank Grimm and Frank Losson. While there they gave a concert in Florida to a large crowd.
The prize of $200 offered by Admiral Tsai Ting-Kan of China for the best essay written by an American college student on the subject, “International Justice for China,” was awarded to Downing Proctor, son of Dr. and Mrs. John E. Proctor, missionaries in China, who had spent considerable time in Monroe City as a youth with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Proctor.
Over 100 visitors a day to the birthplace of Mark Twain at Florida was the average record, according to a register kept by M.A. Vilette.
Miss Frances Rouse accepted a position as instructor in English in a high school in Oklahoma.
80 Years Ago
Aug. 11, 1932
Families of the Sharpsburg Community joined a reunion at the Sharpsburg Church, which was founded in 1833. The Rev. Richard Sharp first held services in his log home and later a log church was erected. The present brick structure was erected in 1860.
Ed Moss suffered a fractured wrist and Mrs. Moss was shaken and bruised when their car skidded and overturned en route to their home from Monroe City.
Miss Loretta Mudd and Ben Charlson were married at the parish home of the Rev. James Kiernan of St. Stephen Church at Indian Creek.
Grading operations were begun on State Highway 56 from Palmyra to Philadelphia.
Mrs. Lucille Mitchell received her B.S. in education from Northeast Missouri State Teachers College. Miss Helen Delaney received her B.S. degree in education from Warrensburg.
A son was born Aug. 8 to Mr., and Mrs. Loaren Tewell.
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Spalding and family moved to Hannibal where Mr. Spalding as agent for Sinclair Oil Company.
In the August primary, W.E. Whitecotton won for representative; James Hohimer for collector; Arch Comstock for sheriff; P.F. Marr for public administrator; Thomas V. Proctor for prosecuting attorney; M.W. Caldwell for highway engineer; John A. Wilson for assessor; Dr. Johnson for coroner; J.T. Spalding for judge of the county court, eastern district; and John Wilson for judge of the county court, western district.
70 Years Ago
Aug. 13, 1942
Collections for the U.S.O. in a campaign in Monroe County netted $1,116.96. The Rev. L.C. Lemmons, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Monroe City, was chairman.
George S. Tompkins was placed on a fist salary of $25 per month as city clerk and $50 as clerk for the light and water department by the city council. He formerly drew $21.25 and $31.65 in these two places. Norvin Yates, treasurer who had been paid at the rate of $45 quarterly, was granted a fist $25 per month. A.A. Straub, street commissioner was given an increase of $10 per month to $105, the same salary granted operators in the light and water plants.
Miss Louise Anderson and Miss Jeanette Yates had completed stenographic and machine bookkeeping courses at Chillicothe Business College.
Charles Brown Fitzgerald received his A.B. degree with special distinction from the University of Missouri, Columbia.
Mrs. Abigail Owen Barr and Forrest G. Marlow were married Aug. 8 at the home of the Rev. John W. Golden in Hannibal.
A daughter was born Aug. 7 to Mr. and Mrs. Walker Nesbit.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lipper Aug. 8.
Mrs. Charles E. Montgomery fractured a bone in her left leg above the ankle in a fall in her chicken yard at her farm house near Hilltop on U.S. Highway 36.
Kenneth Baker and Sanford Burkhardt enlisted in the U.S. Navy, Gilbert Gentry was a member of the Great Lakes Naval Training Station choir featured weekly on the coast-to-coast radio program “Meet Your Navy.” Thomas Henry Hays, William Francis Blackwell and Vaughn Swain Porter were not accepted for military service. Stanley Finnigan, in military training at Fort Leonard Wood, was among those riding in a jeep with only the black out light on during a night training problem. The jeep missed a bridge and crashed into a ravine eight feet below. Reginald Sharp, with the naval signal corps on convoy duty, landed at an Irish seaport. Robert Pierceall graduated from a technical school in telephone communications at the San Diego, Calif., marine base. Robert Joseph Utterback was promoted to 2nd class fireman in the U.S. Navy.
60 Years Ago
Aug. 14, 1952
Pfc. Willis Seward spent a furlough of two weeks from Fort Riley, Kan., with Mrs. Seward and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Greg Seward.
Children who registered with the Monroe City Nemo Shrine Club to attend to Polack Brothers Shrine Circus and Wild Animal Show in Quincy were Patricia and Virginia Seward, Nick, Kenneth and Paul Quinn, Alfred Lee Lorenson, Karen Sue Howell, Kimmy Donovan, Delores Davis, Gayle Spalding, Carolyn Krummel, Tommy Buckman, Howard Johnson, J.C. Hardy, Charles McDannell, Harold Garner Jr., Doris Ann Mudd, George Elliott, Herman Berlin, Dewayne Crook, R. Eugene Zeiger, Cecil A. Ravenscraft, Alfred Gosney, Lyle R. Smith, Steve Clark, Marilyn Jean Foster, Peggy and Betty Fields Ruth Ann Hupp, Billy Porter, Roseanne Quinn, Dorothy Ann Engle, Carolyn Simmons, Joyce Jarman, Larry Watson, Joe Paul Watson, Judy Kay Hayes, Billy Hayes, Dale L. Smith, Sandra and Gary Mattingly, Regina Lindhorst, Barbara Jean Smoot, John VanMarter, Joyce Ardrey, Barbara Caldwell, Eddie Simmons and Larry Watson.
Monroe City received a half inch of rain and the highest reading Aug. 13 was 92 degrees.
Mrs. J.W. Romig was elected to head the lunch room program for the school year by the Board of Education. Other cooks were Mrs. Loren Cruser, Mrs. Leslie Jarman and Mrs. Edwin Utterback.
Clarence Morris and his 2 ½ year old son, Jack, escaped serious injury when the tractor they were riding overturned on a gravel road four miles south of Indian Creek.
Miss Catherine Engle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vince Engle, was a contestant for the title Miss KHMO to represent the Hannibal radio station at Radio Appreciation Day ceremonies in St. Louis.
Shirley and Sharley Hagan, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hagan, entered the Novitiate and received the white veil and their sister names in the Order of the School Sisters of Notre Dame at the Santa Maria in St. Louis.
A daughter, named Mary Virginia was born Aug. 8 to Mr. and Mrs. John Whiston; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Porter were parents of a daughter, Loretta Kay, born Aug. 13. A son named Howard Francis was born Aug. 9 to Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Mudd. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Frederick of Iowa City were parents of a son born July 26.
Bonds in the amount of $10,000 were approved by Monroe City voters for the purchase of a new fire truck.
Capt. Bert E. Shumate, son of J.E. Shumate of Hunnewell, who was in Korea left Aug. 7 for Japan for a rest for one week.
Sgt. Bruce Kent of the Air Corps at San Marcos, Tex., spent a furlough with his parents.
50 Years Ago
Aug. 16, 1962
The Supreme Court ruled that $150,000 of industrial bonds owned by the City of Monroe were invalid.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. O’Connor Jr., Aug. 14.
The 1912 Monroe City High School class held its 50-year reunion.
Mrs. C.A. Gentry, Monroe City librarian for 43 years died Aug. 8.
Miss Judith Osbourne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Osbourne and Joseph Hagan, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Hagan were united in marriage Aug. 11.
The Board of Education voted for a tax decrease.
Betty Lee Janes was the hostess for a pre-nuptial shower given for Mrs. Joseph Hagan.
Miss Sharon Ann Brower and Jack Bastian were married Aug. 12.
The Harn reunion was held Aug. 15 in Illinois.
The Monroe City Riding Club won third at the Palmyra Horse Show.
George Payne, father of Mrs. Floyd Yeater, died Aug. 3.
The See family reunion was held at Shelbina.
The annual Homecoming of the Hickory Grove Association was to be held Sunday, Aug. 19.
The engagement of Miss Sharon Britton to Curtis Wayne Stombaugh was made.
Robert Harris received his Master’s Degree Aug. 9 with a major in physical education form Kirksville. He was married to the former Mary Dee Ellis.
Milton Hendrix received his Master’s Degree from Kirksville with a major in general science.
40 Years Ago
Aug. 17, 1972
A caravan of 54 identically dressed bicycle riders stopped in town on Aug. 7. The group of cyclist was from nine of the United States and Canada and from 13 different religious denominations. The group was known as the de-Cycles group, a non profit organization which provides wholesome group recreation for youth in the United States.
The Monroe City Merchants were planning on Western Days on Sat. Aug. 26 in conjunction with the IRA Championship Rodeo sponsored by the Monroe City Saddle Club.
The 106th term for the Monroe City Elementary and the 82nd term for the high school were to begin on Aug. 30.
Mrs. James Rives was to be lead teacher again for the Monroe City Head Start Program.
Mr. and Mrs. Wendall Eaton were to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on Aug. 20.
Births: a son, Jon Derek, Aug. 9 to Mr. and Mrs. Garry Gupton; a son, Dennis Ray Lorenson, Jr. Aug. 9 to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ray Lorenson, Sr.; a son, Eric Carl, Aug. 8 to Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson of Seattle, Wash.
30 Years Ago
Aug. 12, 1982
A Swim-A-Thon was planned for the Muscular Dystrophy fund raiser at the Monroe City swimming pool. Areleta Utterback was to make the first plunge and the three co-chairmen of the event, Bob Kendrick, Jerry Botkins and Keith Hays were to race from the 11ft. to the 5 ft. part of the pool.
Births: a son, Michael Neil, Aug. 10 to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sehlke of Keytesville; a son, Bradley Dale, July 25 to Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Norris of Sherman, Texas; a son, Brett Peter, July 31 to Mr. and Mrs. Greg Michaelson of Ashland; a son, Brandon Keith, Aug. 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Randy Murray.
School was to begin at Holy Rosary School and Monroe City R-I on Aug. 23. It was to be the 116th term for the elementary and the 92nd term for the high school.
Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Collins celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 31.
Denise Pfanner and Mark Saunders were married at Holy Rosary Catholic Church May 29.
Reggie Dean was featured in the News as he was recovering from Guillain Barre Syndrome, a rare disease that took his 187 pound frame down 55 pounds. He would lie in bed and ring a bell to have someone to roll him over in bed as he couldn’t do it himself.
20 Years Ago
Aug. 6, 1992
The Monroe City Fall Festival got underway on Aug. 2 with livestock shows and a midget league baseball tournament. The Queen Pageant and the Prince and Princess Contest were also to be held as well as carnival rides for the children.
Julia Beth Stone and Paul A. Terrill were married June 19 in the First Baptist Church.
Shelly Voepel and Jeff Head were to be married Sept. 5 at the Monroe City Christian Church.
Lambert and Lorrie Buckman will be opening Lorrie’s Styling Salon on Aug. 10 at 101 East Summer St.
10 Years Ago
Aug. 7, 2002
Taken from the files of The Lake Gazette
The Walker Brothers Circus was in town to perform two shows for the community. The Monroe City Lions Club was sponsoring the event.
Joe and Judy Hagan were to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on Aug. 11.
1st Lt. Margaret Jane Bradley and 1st Lt. Benedict Joseph Smith announced plans to be married Sept. 14 at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Indian Creek.
Births: a son, Alec Neal, June 2 to Robin and Mark Stanton of Brewster, N.Y.
Bill and Virgie Keller were to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on Aug. 11.
The second annual Cast for Kids fishing event was held at the Mark Twain Lake at Indian Creek Marina on Aug. 3 with many children attending.
Twelve late night visitors of Bill and Jeanne Smith got to watch the rare night-blooming cerus bloom recently. The cactus is a nocturnal bloomer and produces funnel-shaped white flowers with mauve edging and only lasts a few hours.