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White Barn Processing

What do I get when I order a half of beef?

White Barn Processing offers, One-Half or Whole Beef orders. Custom Processing is available also. When it comes to having meat processed there are several common questions on how they want their Beef processed and what ways there are to have it cut. When ordering One-Half or a Whole Beef the customer may have it cut and wrapped any way they prefer.

A customer can expect to get 300-325 pounds of meat per One-Half beef. In a One-Half package a customer would receive approximately 14 T-bones steaks that would feed one per adult, 14 ribeye steaks that serves 1 per adult, with approximately 8 sirloin steaks which tapers from large to small with the large serving two adults and the small serving one.  Considering all steaks are cut in the standard thickness of ¾”. The round portion of the beef can be packaged as full or half round, having the top round tenderized and the bottom round made into plain steaks, tenderized or ground for hamburger according to the customer’s preference. The chuck portion of the beef is very flavorful but makes a tougher cut for steaks. The customer ordering chooses between having this portion made into 18 steaks or Roast. One flank, which is a fibrous cut, per One Half beef comes in the order which can be tenderized if preferred. (*When tenderizing the round steak, the cut is run through a mechanical tenderizer, scoring both sides of the steak. No chemicals are used in this process.)

The Roast portion of the beef comes in a three-pound standard size. If prime rib is requested as a roast it will eliminate some of the ribeye steaks. A customer can expect to get one or two sirloin tip roasts which is the more tender end of the bottom round. Heel of Round (Pikes Peak) will give the customer one roast, from the front quarter there are approximately six-eight roasts in an order, with three or four arm roasts, the hind will give the customer one or two rump roasts and one brisket that can be used for corned beef, stew or ground for hamburger. The One-Half beef will also come with stew meat lean in one pound packages with six packages per order. There are also three to four one and half pound short rib packages and three to four one and half pound packages of soup bones meaty portions of the shank bone. The ground beef average is 90 percent lean and is packaged in a choice of one, one and half or two pound packages. There is approximately 65-70 pounds of ground beef per order of One-Half beef.

If the customer is splitting a One-Half beef, both cutting instructions must be identical for equal portions of meat. If the customer order is for a quarter beef, you will get an even distribution of meat from both front and rear quarters. If you are splitting a One-Half beef with friends and family, both cutting instructions must be identical for equal portions of meat. When purchasing a quarter, standard instructions will apply.