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Thompson’s third grade class hatch and release to help monarch population

Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 7:10 am

A female monarch butterfly just moments after release sits on a marigold in the garden planted by Mrs. Jan Thompson for students to enjoy and learn.

The third-grade class of Mrs. Jan Thompson have the opportunity to learn the in-depth teaching of the life cycle of monarch butterflies. For the second year in a row, Thompson has dedicated her time to hatch the monarchs and release them teaching her students the process in the four stages of complete metamorphosis.
This year Thompson hopes to hatch 1,000 monarchs. On September 7, the class released butterfly number 500, making the class half-way to their goal. Last year the class released 242 monarch butterflies.
Thompson has also planted a flower garden between the elementary and middle school building for the students to enjoy. The garden is where the class goes to release the butterflies when they are ready. Students comfortable with holding the butterflies all take turns as Thompson places a butterfly on each of their hands as they wait for the butterfly to take flight.

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