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Street Stroll provides evening entertainment in downtown

Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 10:22 am

The H&Co booth, owned by Heidi Potterfield, was nestled in front of the old K-Lee clothing store building which was once owned and operated by Potterfield’s great-great-aunt, Bernadette Kelly, both were a favorite to women in the community.

Downtown Monroe City, a restoring and revitalization organization, hosted a Street Stroll on May 22, inviting residents of the community to come and view Main Street with fresh eyes. The event provided more than 20 stops for viewers to enjoy.

Community members were seen walking up and down Main Street with family and friends. They were seen stopping by pop up shops held in vacant buildings, along with other vendors set up on the store fronts. Children enjoyed face paintings along with free snacks and drinks being handed out for the strollers to enjoy. Current businesses remained open past normal business hours for the evenings event.

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