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Smooth transition for New Years Resolution

Posted on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 12:44 pm

Trista Gottman, age 10, attends Marilyn Braxton’s Bible study on life changing Green Smoothies held at True Church in Hannibal. Braxton is seen here with True Church pastor Teri Maher.

Every December people attempt to make a New Year’s resolution by making a choice to try to better themselves in some shape or form.
Several of the resolutions made involve food and beverage choices. Decisions are talked about of losing weight, cutting carbohydrates, increasing water intake, removing soda from daily activities and to stop smoking.
Studies show gym membership sales are increased in the month of January, dieting products are sold at a higher rate and salads are a frequent menu choice at restaurants. People attempt diets which are usually temporary and short lived. Dieting has been proven to actually starve the body rather than increase weight loss and has no long-term effect.

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