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Smoke free could benefit more than health studies show

Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 10:39 am

Missouri is a proponent of smoke free air and non smokers’ rights.

Does having a smoke-free environment play a role in where community members do business? Currently the State of Missouri does not require businesses to be smoke free. The business owner decides to allow smoking within their business unless there is a smoke-free City Ordinance to protect the members from the inhalation of harmful toxins in workplace environments.
“The Show Me State” is earning a reputation for being a vibrant proponent of smoke free air and nonsmokers’ rights. Several cities like Ballwin, Columbia, and Kansas City put hard-won smoke free laws into place a few years ago. Recent reports indicate those laws are working well and are helping to improve health. In Kirkwood, Liberty, and St. Louis County, voters approved smoke free measures and now the momentum for smoke free air is building across the state.

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