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Smith announces third book, “The Last Chapter”

Posted on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 8:46 am

Maggie Lou Smith poses with three books she has had published, the latest entitled “The Last Chapter” can be purchased at multiple locations including Amazon.

Maggie Lou Smith’s third book, The Last Chapter, is available for purchase. Smith continues to write at the age of 91 stating, “I began writing the book in July and had it finished within a week.” She explained the book took longer to publish then it did to write. When asked, what inspired her to write Smith stated, “I was inspired to write because some older ladies told me I should. They said I had done a lot of things most other women wouldn’t dare do and I needed to share my crazy stories,” adding, “I guess coming from a family of seven brothers there wasn’t much I wasn’t scared of.”
Smith expressed she hopes to sell just as many copies of this book as the previous two. She stated, “I sold 250 copies of my first book titled, Life Can Be Beautiful and 150 copies of her second book titled, Before I Get Too Old. She shared she had already began mailing out copies requested.

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